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About us

The young company Personella with its headquarters in Slovakia is one of the most ambitious personnel service providers in Europe. From our offices in Pov. Bystrica and in Bielefeld, we are a flexible and reliable partner for companies of all sizes and from every sector. We are very strong in logistics, hotels and care. In the care sector we work for private households and for medical organizations and institutions. Each of us has many years of experience in his specialty. We have a wide network of partners. We can also offer orders, subcontractors and craft services.

What we do

We recruit people from all over Europe, from all professions and with different qualifications from assistants to specialists and qualified personnel to the management staff. At the same time, Personella guarantees a fast response time to inquiries, needs-based and conscientious applicant selection procedures as well as efficient and cost-effective personnel solutions. We also provide reliable nurses for home care, intensive care and home help. We cooperate with schools and training companies. Are you looking for new staff? Get in touch!


"Any problem in a company is ultimately a personnel problem."

- Alfred Herrhausen -